The FTCE Computer Science K12 Preparation PD course is designed to help educators prepare for the FTCE Computer Science K-12 Exam with step-by-step tutorials, coding assignments, and hundreds of exercise questions.


The course takes 40+ hours to complete. The curriculum aligns 100% with the FTCE CS standards.

1Unit 1 – About the FTCE Exam
2Unit 2 – Competency 1. Knowledge of computational thinking and problem solving
3Unit 3 – Competency 2,3,4. Primitive Types
4Unit 4 – Competency 2,3,4. Using Objects
5Unit 5 – Competency 2,3,4. Boolean Expressions
6Unit 6 – Competency 2,3,4. Iteration
7Unit 7 – Competency 2,3,4. Writing Classes
8Unit 8 – Competency 2,3,4. Arrays
9Unit 9 – Competency 2,3,4. Inheritance and Polymorphism
10Unit 10 – Competency 2,3,4. Recursion
11Unit 11 – Competency 5. Knowledge of computer hardware, software, and networking
12Unit 12 – Competency 6. Knowledge of the historical aspects and social issues related to computer technologies
13Unit 13 – Competency 7. Knowledge of computer science pedagogy
14Unit 14 – Practice Questions

What our teachers say

“Popfizz presented the information I needed to learn in an interesting and engaging format. It provided instruction as well as practice in using the skills being taught, which helped to make the learned knowledge concrete.”

Robert Fort

High School Teacher, Fort Meade High School

“I used a variety of platforms to study for the FTCE CS Exam. Compared to other platforms I used, Popfizz was amongst the most engaging and user friendly. I appreciated the layout of the website and the format in which the lessons/questions were presented. The animated videos really helped to break down the more difficult concepts.”

Jennifer B. Bennett

Teacher, Heritage Middle School