The Introduction to Physical Computing with Micro:bit PD course covers the basics of physical computing using Micro:bit, Make Code and Python programming language. Step-by-step tutorials, hands-on labs, and live 1:1 support will help you reach your goals whether it is to plan activities, get students excited about computer science, or to help students develop problem solving skills.


The course prepares you to teach the basics of physical computing and coding through multiple projects using Microbit, Make Code, and Python programming language. Upon completion of the course, you’ll be able to utilize the various features of Microbit and program it using concepts such as data structure, iteration, and conditional statements.


The course consists of 5 modules and takes approximately 15-hours to complete.

1What is Micro:bit?
2Controlling Microbit with Make Code
3Python basics
4Microbit and Python
5Final Project