The Praxis Computer Science (5652) Exam Preparation PD course is designed to help educators prepare for the Praxis CS Exam with step-by-step tutorials, coding assignments, and hundreds of exercise questions.


The course takes 15+ hours to complete. The curriculum aligns 100% with the Praxis Computer Science (5652) Objectives and Knowledge Statements.

1Unit 1 – About the Praxis Computer Science (5652) Exam
2Unit 2 – Algorithms and Computational Thinking
3Unit 3 –Programming
4Unit 4 – Data
5Unit 5 – Computing Systems and Networks
6Unit 6 – Impact of Computing
7Unit 7 – Practice Questions

What our teachers say

“I would not have passed the Praxis without this course and recommended it to a colleague who was preparing to take the Praxis.“

Daniel Smith

Limestone County Schools, AL