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The Popfizz Raspberry Pi Kit

Raspberry Pi 4 and its most popular components are packed into a box.
Plug and play right out of the box.

The Popfizz Raspberry Pi Kit

The Popfizz Raspberry Pi kit is packed with components you can use to create dozens of creative projects at a reasonable price. Noobs is installed and tested so you can plug and play right out of the box.

$149 per unit

The price includes tax and shipping (in the U.S. only).

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Kit Components
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B11GB RAM / 2 GB RAM (+$10)
Micro USB Power Supply1(USB C)
Micro HDMI Cable1HDMI to Micro HDMI
Micro SD Card + Card reader116GB
Breadboard1400 solderless breadboard
Jumper wires15MM/ FM/ FF 8 inches
Switch Button1Tactile Push Button Switch
LEDs and resistors55mm Diffused LED
Light sensor (photoresistor)
1 uF capacitor
PIR motion sensor1Infrared PIR Motion
Buzzer1DC5V Active Buzzer
Pi Camera1Mini Camera 5 Megapixels
Kit Case13 compartments